Saturday the 2nd February

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Saturday the 2nd February

Post  Shads on Fri Feb 15, 2008 3:41 am

Today we took down



with some help from some good friends, gan and val , ty so much guys Very Happy

I must say I have never been so proud to belong to a place as I was today, to see and hear ppls reaction when all the hard work payed of and to see ppl concentrate and have fun while playing damn good together.
Teamwork FTW Very Happy

U guys makes it so easy to have fun and also u surprice me over and over again on how much is actually possible in a short number of time.

Remember this guild isent a month old and already we have gotten some good loot, including 2 T4 pieces for the guild, not to mention some great progress in kara and have had alot of fun doing so. jocolor

love u all I love you

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